The International Trade Mart District I More than 10,500 booths
    Founded in October, 2001, the International Trade City Ⅰis officially put into operation on 22 October, 2002 which occupies 420 Mu and a building area of 340,000 m2 with a total investment of 700 million. There are more than 9000 booths and over 10500 business entities in total. The 1st floor deals in flowers and toys, the 2nd floor for hair ornaments, jewelry and accessories, the 3rd floor, mainly sells festival handicrafts, decorative handicrafts, porcelain & crystals, photo frames and components for accessories, the 4th floor are factory outlets.
    The International Trade City is a commodity trading market integrating modernization, internationalization and informatization. It has realized several transformations since it was put into service: firstly, it has transformed from the traditional trade to modern business mode which is mainly of commodity exhibition, negotiation, order fulfillment and E-commerce. The International Trade City is honored as “Expo that Never Drop the curtain” by foreign customers; secondly, it has realized the transformation that foreign trade exceeds domestic trade, the daily customers reach 80,000 and 3,000 of which are foreign customers, the export rate of commodities is above 70%, more than 95% of the booths accept foreign trade business and the commodities are exported to over 200 countries and regions; thirdly, it has realized the intellectualization of hardware facilities in the market. The whole market has easy accessibility of crowd passage, logistics service and information. It is equipped with 37 elevators and escalators, the automobiles have access from floor 2-4 and over 13,000 broadband interfaces in the market enable every booth to realize online business and consult information on the net.
    Industry Categories:
    Common Toy, Inflatable Toys, Plush Toys, Electric Toys, Jewelry, Hair Ornament, Jewelry Accessories, Flower Accessories, Decorative Crafts, Flower, Festival Crafts, Tourism Crafts, Ceramic Crystal, Photo Frames

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